Creative Ken


Changing Mourn

The neighbors’ hens begin to lay
a supple mourn
beckons my horizon
Signs that spring me into action
I must not write-off winter yet
Its final acts of resistance
wrangle with the winds
beyond the peaceful starry light
of this welcomed dawn.

Past’s Presence

No need
To rewind, ever


I watch the attractive hipster cross 2nd
iced coffee in one hand lit cigarette in her right.
You sit outside the window
bugs swarming above your greasy dreadlocks mullet.
Staying in place as you nod to your girl
keeping erratic formation as you bend over to grab a pen from your bag.


I position myself well above the fold
I am bounty full beauty
Ready to leap at the context of the sun
warming my foot resting on a pillow

I hear the ambiance of the city
its gulls spitting pedestrians humming highways
jet planes and constructed pits

No two ways are the same
the people animals mingling aimlessly below
Watching with my ears above
Sweet sparrow fine propeller buzzing sea plane

We must explore the sounds
Start the engines of our inner silence
As we slow to a California stop stop worrying
Start driving
Take the wheel of your deepest mind

The piece that keeps nagging you
The piece that wants your time
The piece that insists on        peace

Create more
What you need is there
Listening for us
Biding its time
while I come to terms with it

Yes we can

Molly…I tell you no tonight, but I’ll be back.  (Taken with instagram)

Molly…I tell you no tonight, but I’ll be back. (Taken with instagram)


I love the rain
beautiful droplets
caressing the roof
caressing my sleep.

Gifted slumber
pulling me back
the savory droplets
lull me forward
from a past
yet forgotten
to a present
ready to live-in
the future.

Awakening me
the slight
touch of your hand
a slight current caress.

Beginning the slow descent
A dribble
From the roof’s
sacred spirit
the wall’s
containment of love
down my window

a puddle
grounded in



I love you

Please have your way with me
Consume me with paralysis
Nibble at my creative dreams
Make me groggy with your elixir
Fulfill my destiny

to fail

The Internet hollering put down the pen (Taken with instagram)

The Internet hollering put down the pen (Taken with instagram)

Apr 5


Sigh, Robots

Apr 5


The rooms are not mine
I revisit them, but they are not mine
Spaces once inhabited for a future not yet lived.

So much life,
Door after door
Air, breath, words
All theirs.
Door after door
Not knowing how
To exit right in front of me.

Alarm will sound I read
Turn around I think
You forgot my room I hear.
Light glistens between the crack
But I cannot interpret the instructions
It’s an emergency exit